About us

Hi, we’re Jodie and Tracey and it’s great that you’ve taken the time to take a look at who we are!!

Eat Clean fair

Jodie Horton-Stanley

Having worked in health and fitness for many years (Jodie has a fitness business and classes, attended by 500 regular local women (but not all at once!) and Tracey conducts clinical research to help the NHS), we get to talk to a wide range of people who want to be healthier and manage existing medical conditions and allergies.  After both starting a 100% gluten free diet for health reasons (an autoimmune disease causing an underactive thyroid), we can safely say it has changed our lives.  Some benefits of switching to a gluten free diet for us have been: getting rid of stomach pains and bloating, lifelong allergies disappearing, feeling more alert with tons more energy, weight loss, thicker hair and no more dry skin, better sleep and many more wonderful side effects.  It also important to look after yourself too and diet is just one part of living your best life now and making the most of your circumstances.  Sleeping well, de-stressing, taking regular exercise, enjoying massage and other alternative therapies can also help.

Eat Clean Fair

Tracey Barron

Taking the journey to become totally gluten free has been tricky and at times confusing, to be honest we didn’t know where to start.  We did a lot of research and found that although there were dedicated suppliers out there that understood the need for a safe gluten free product that still tasted great, it was hard to find them all under one roof.  When eating out at restaurants and cafes, we weren’t always sure that the staff member knew what we were talking about and even once had the comment “just choose something off the menu that looks gluten free!!”  Luckily this attitude is changing, there is better staff training and knowledge about cross contamination and more choice out there.   Even the big brands and supermarkets are realising the need for gluten free alternatives, that eating gluten free is not a ‘fad’, it is a lifestyle.  Who doesn’t want to feel and look healthier and know more about the food we are putting into our bodies?

We want to help other people on their gluten free and healthy living  journey and make it easier for people to follow a gluten free diet in the real world.  Our ethos is to bring together as many like minded vendors under one roof as we can, to give people the opportunity to try and buy new products or services and open their eyes to the choice out there.  Our event will be family friendly with plenty of room to move, comfortable seating areas, and hot food and drink so you can enjoy a tasty lunch with us!  There is disabled access, lift facilities and a kids Zone (which is sure to be a big hit!).

We recognised the need to bring together not just gluten free products, but all other aspects of healthy living – therapists, kids health, specialist advice, sports performance, whole foods, beauty products etc… We couldn’t find any event that did just that, so we decided to start our own and we’re thrilled by the positive reaction we’ve received so far.

We both have extensive experience in organising entertainment, marketing, conference and fundraising events on a large scale and we thought we’d put all skills into something we were truly passionate about.  We hope you’d like to involved, whether as an exhibitor or a visitor at our first fair in Thornbury on 2nd April 2017 (and later in Yate on the 10th September) – it’s going to be the biggest fair of it’s type that South Gloucestershire has ever seen!!  You can pre book discounted tickets on eventbrite or pay on the day – everyone is welcome.

We hope to see you there there, Jodie & Tracey x x